Preferred products.

Got naturally kinky, curly, or curvy hair? It can be a hassle to find the right products for African American hair and skin. That’s why we launched Natutal African Hair. Family-owned and -operated, our company offers exclusive, high-quality products at an affordable value, so you can have a polished and professional “salon look” without the salon price. We offer more than 200 quality products from over 20 brands, including HumiNature, and Ajuven available only here.

Naturally you.

We believe that African American or biracial men or women should embrace the beauty and uniqueness of their hair, rather than trying to change it. Our products are designed to enhance your African American or biracial hair’s natural texture and composition and make it more manageable, so you can look your best while remaining true to yourself.

How We Got Started

As an African American woman, Tywana Smith found it difficult to find hair and skin care products that fit her and her daughters’ needs. There were only a few companies that offered quality products, and they had to go directly to the manufacturer to buy them. The Smiths figured that if they were having this problem, there must be thousands of others in the same situation. In 2002, with no quality products available locally, Tywana and her husband Brian started a company, an online boutique specializing in hair, skin, and body care products for women of color. 

As African Americans, our management knows firsthand the struggles surrounding proper hair care. We understand how hard it can be for African Americans and bi-racial people to find the right products for their needs, so we only sell products that we would use ourselves. 

Since launching Natural African Hair, we’ve served over 30,000 customers with more than 200 quality products from over 20 brands. We carry high-quality, all-natural products for all hair and skin types, but our main focus is providing black and bi-racial men and women with hard-to-find products that suit their needs. We even developed our own exclusive product lines so that you, the discriminating customer, can get quality hair care and skin care products without the sky-high brand-name prices.