ho hasn’t heard about Curlformers! Everyone has been doing reviews and tutorials on Curlformers, but where’s the 4C love at? I reached out to Curlformers and they were kind enough to send me a back to try out. I went with the long/wide set (pink + orange) because I was originally thinking I wanted to be able to use them for a very long time, no matter the length of my hair and I wanted to use it on my weaves. I did use them on my Select Strands wig that I made and in the review video for the hair, I mention how much I absolutely LOVED the results. What about on my real hair?

Now I’ve heard all sorts of crazy questions that made me a bit scared to use the Curlformers. Like, do they rip your hair out? I mean *tilts head to the side* after using them, I’m really wondering who managed to rip their hair out with them and how super careless/lazy/impatient were they being? Cause ma’am these things are SIMPLE to use. I think it might be the whole needle hook that you have to use but it looks a lot more daunting then it really is.

Now for the extra details on the Curlformers.

I soooooooooooo wish I had gotten the LONG & NARROW Curlformers. Ya know, I thought it out before I chose and I had a whole reasoning behind getting the wide ones (thick hair) but I completely failed to remember how my hair is not naturally curly so when I manipulate it into curls if the curl is too wide my hair is not going to bounce back. The results I got were great, lovely, splendiferious like eating mac + cheese every day while still losing weight good, but they only last for one day. I can kinda sorta make it work the next day after just tying it down, but it’s not my kinda sorta cute. One day I won’t be lazy and I’ll try pin curling them to preserve them – which I’m pretty sure would work lovely, but I was in a pissy mode when I recorded that video so I made a very large cocktail and hopped in bed without giving a single care to my hair. A tighter curl would definitely last longer without having to entirely reset the curl. I’m just going to go buy the Long & Narrow ones, because I think it’s a worthwhile investment.

DO NOT TRY TO SLEEP IN THESE!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so serious, the first time I used them, I decided to sleep in them. I got not a single ounce of sleep and my head was pounding. They look soft but they are hard and firm and not fun to lay your head down when you looking like the Curlformer Medusa. They are great for a relatively quick hairstyle. Style time all together is about 2-3 hours, that includes 45-60 minutes of hooded dryer time.

These are GREAT for children. Are you braiding inept? Even your twists look funny? Throw these on the end of some ponytails and wallah magic! My mother, in all of her inability to do hair, would never have bought these cause she would be complaining about the sticker price — but they last long and are quality. For all the times she had to go buy foam rollers, paper ends — and the time she spent beating us upside the head with a brush rather than brushing our hair, she could have just gotten these. Save yourself the struggle. Seriously, time is just as valuable as $$$. Just get the right back.

There are 40 rollers in the starter kit. I have a HUGE head and I made it work. No seriously, my head is really big and I made it work. You can buy extra rollers to fit the back, but since I plan on getting the Long & Narrow starter kit, I wanted to conserve my funds. I had not an issue with the 40, I just pulled my curls apart once they were dry to add volume.